3 Year Formation

Haka Rongo Aio

Te Puawai - the blossom 

June 2022-June 2025 (21 days per year)



Haka is the sacred dance, Rongo is the Godbeing of peace, Aio is tranquility

Dance your life into peaceful harmony

is one way to translate these deep words out of the ancient Maori culture. 

 This Formation, held in France, is for anyone who feels the calling to be part of a meaningful community were each one is committed to working on oneself to transform, to effect peace.

Inner peace creates outer peace.

The practical aim is to develop one's own tools, personal and/or professional,

with the inspiration of Te Ao Maori (Maori worldview), elements from the Yoga of Integral Learning and further sources, to integrate the sacred into the daily life.  

During these three years you will be guided by Ojasvin and Waimaania, the founders of Grandmothers Healing Haka Practice and the Haka Rongo Aio 3-Year Formation. 



Tikanga Maori * Virtues

Te Ao Maori – Maori Worldview * Cosmic Tradition * Celtic Tradition

Mau Rakau – the long stick * Healing Haka® * Rituals * Waiata - Song * Karakia - Prayer * Whanau - Family

Presentation of the Formation, Questions & Answers


Ojasvin & Waimaania interviewed by Jennifer Meynard

Formations held in France, open internationally (In English with French translation)


Next Formation Haka Rongo Aio Te Puawai - the blossom June 2022-2025


Current Formation Haka Rongo Aio Te Tipu - the sprout  2019-2022


Completed Formation Haka Rongo Aio Te Kakano - the seed  2016-2019




After experiencing these four Haka Rongo Aio days together, I continue to be filled with joy and light. With this link that we weave between the physical as well as the invisible. With our goodwill to create harmony in learning from our mistakes and our ignorance, which gradually disappears thanks to our realizations.

Arohanui D. HRA Te Tipu

Thank you for all those moments of precious sharing and all the teachings. I experienced a very intense, very profound week; I have the feeling of approaching something very precious and I thank you for that. 

A. HRA Te Kakano